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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull summertime madness

Episodes: Ajvar:s summertime special at Radio Skanstull

It’s the time of the year when all our hopes and dreams are focused of the Swedish weather. Ajvar goes into vacation mode. But don’t hesitate – every Friday at 19.00-20.00, starting tonight,  we’re with you as usual at, with our best mixes and mashed ups. Also perfect for those rainy days. So tune in or check out this post for updates. We’re back again live and direct autumnstyle. Till then let’s chill.


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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 19

Episode 19: Love is in the bachelor air

Everyone loves Boris. Especially his friends that made this Ajvar a bachelor party kick off all time high. (Ok his wife to be kind of like him to). And the soundtrack is off course made up of the ultimate love tunes. Lots of back beat, a little bit of Lollywood love, Arabic tenderness and old calypso with words of wisdom. From here on to, most likely, eternity.

A 19

  1. Tafu Brothers – Oh My Love
  2. Norma White & Bentford Set – I want Your Love
  3. Ahmed Fakroun – Love Words
  4. Lord Cobra – Love Letters
  5. Rikki Ililonga – Love Is The Only Way
  6. Louie Ramirez – Love It Up
  7. Richie Spice ft. Spanner Banner & Pilers – Baby Face
  8. Slim Smith – Love And Devotion
  9. Glen Adams – You Can’t Hide Love
  10. Frankie Paul – Quality Time
  11. Sugar Minott – My Love Is True
  12. Philip Frazer – LA LA Means I Love You
  13. The Mighty Sparrow – No Money No Love
  14. Alton Ellis – You Made Me So Very Happy

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 18

Episode 18: The ultimate Wold Cup soundtrack by Daniel Eskils

It’s that time every fourth year when everything that seems important in live suddenly gets put on hold due to 22 men is chasing a ball. It’s world cup time! And it’s in Brazil yao. South Africa 2010 was an epic fail regarding the championchip soundtrack and official song(s), so Ajvar decided to take a corporate social responsibiblity and provide the very best tunes from the the very best beating of Brazil. And we invited multi talented Daniel Eskil who not only loves Brazil and is one half of the DJ duo Mengão – he also loves football. And has kind of met Neymar in a taxi…


  1. Novos Baianos – Besta E Tu
  2. Marcos Valle – Garra
  3. Tim Maia – Que Beleza
  4. Ivan Lins – Cantoria
  5. Jorge Ben – Flamengo
  6. Gal Costa – Presente Contidiano
  7. Lotus 72D – Ze Roberto
  8. Dennis DJ – Jonathan II
  9. Carlos Nunez – Weight Limit
  10. Jorge Ben – Os Alquimistas Estao Chegando Os Alquimistas
  11. Furacáo 2000 – Thuthuca
  12. Caetano Veloso – Irene
  13. Os Mutantes – Baby
  14. Celia – Zozoio Como E Que E

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 17

Episode 17: In that preparty mode


Don’t wait until tomorrow what you can start party today. This Saturday Ajvar closed the club season at Morfar Ginko in style. And this program was a smashing warm-up loaded with preparty-tunes like Klezmer remix, Frensh funk-soul-jazz, rare Afro disco edit, polka beat, all mighty Hugh Masekela (always on a preparty playlist) and a world premiere from Mir Crew & Ortega on top of it all. Now – off to the after party.

  1. Mariana Montalvo – La Libelola (Superpendejos Edit)
  2. Cortex – L’enfant Samba
  3. Monsieur Dolor Et Les Guitar Boys – Panty
  4. Cossa Nostra – Suite Latino (Yo Quiero Contigo)
  5. MC Maromba – My Name Isn’t Johnny
  6. Blod Dracula – Speeding
  7. Sons Of Kemet – Inner Babylon
  8. Syphax – Thamghra & The Funk Disco Jam
  9. Julian Life & Andrew See – Polka Beat
  10. Afro Heat In Midday Sun (Afro Disco Boogie Edit)
  11. Fouma System – Xamal Sa Bopp
  12. Hugh Masekela – Run No More (A Vou Mo)
  13. Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Terk (P Millenaar Remix)
  14. Mir Crew & Ortega – NN

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 16

Episode 16: Special guest appearance by Dance Kill Move

This means serious dance-mode. Ajvar got a visit from DJ and producer Dance Kill Move loaded with Zouk Bass, cúmbia and tropical bass. Dance Kill Move – Ricardo Ocampo Daza – started out as an electro act back in 2007 but shifted focus towards tropical bass. Always staying true to his Colombian roots and Latino influence. And when Ajvar-favourites Buraka Som Sistema made their huge Boiler Room set in 2013 presenting Zouk Bass to the world he fell in love with the rhythm and started producing Zouk bass. We got an hour mixed and mashed-up. With some Miley Cyrus on top.


  1. Usha Uthup – I Feel Love
  2. Bison & Squareeffekt – TGYP
  3. DCZ Deejays – Deep In Zoukbass (Banginclude Remix)
  4. Two Sev ft. El Cucuy – Barely Regal
  5. DJ Pausas – Esta Noite
  6. Arame (Riot Remix)
  7. D-Dots & King Kong – Ressalto Bounce
  8. Dance Kill Move – Sexton
  9. Motin – Zouk India
  10. Green Lantern – Bhangra Bounce (Dance Kill Move Edit)
  11. Munchi – Amargurado
  12. Dance Kill Move – Dedos
  13. Paco Mendoza – La Frequencia (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
  14. Dance Kill Move – Threepeat
  15. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Zouk Remix by Phraze & Styleobeatz)
  16. DJ N.K – Zurik
  17. DCZ Deejays – A Batukada (Kuduro Mashup 2014)
  18. Captain Steel – Power Faliure
  19. DJ Marfox – Subliminar (Branco User Friendly Edit)

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 15

Episode 15: All strings attached

Acoustic, electric , electro-acoustic , twelve-string , archtop, mandolin, steel, resonator, bass,, flamenco, double-neck, cittern, banjo, lapsteel, sitar, rudra veena, tumbi, oud, saz, cümbüs, chonguri, grajappi, phin pia, cuatro, viola caipira, ronrroco, mejorana…


There’s so many of them. And we love guitars. Especially the oriental magic ones that Omar Khorshid is the master of. This is a dedication to strings from all over the world and our favorite guitar tunes.

  1. Omar Khorshid – Takkasim Sanat Alfeyn
  2. Omar Khorshid – Guitar El Chark
  3. Ali Farka Touré – Allah Uya
  4. New Gatanga Sound – Thoni Na Caki
  5. Orchestre Super Bourgou de Parakou – Gandigui
  6. Mavi Isiklar – Íyí Dügün Tagin
  7. 3 Hürel – Ömür Biter Yol Bitmez
  8. Mustafa Özkent – Zeytinyagli Yiyemem
  9. Ersen – Kozan Dagi
  10. Dick Dale – Hava Nagila
  11. Johnny Barakat & The Vestells – The Wedge
  12. The Monkys – Triste Estoy
  13. Los Dalton’s – Alto Y Seco
  14. Johnny Guitar – Bangkok By Night
  15. Jang Hyun – Pushing Through The Fog
  16. Muslim Disco Club – Alma

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 14

Episode 14: The world is shaking


And Ajvar is shaken it like no other. This episode we shook extra large to the daredevil origins of Congolese rumba – Cubanismo from Congo 1954-55 and other African Latin influenced sounds. And with some Bollywood Brass Band special wedding shake, Boogaloo Destroyers smooth shake and modern Hungarian electric moombathon shakes from Babylon Records you’ll be well done for a long time. At least until next Friday.

  1. Quantic – Magnetica
  2. Astronomy Class – Four Barang In A Tuk-Tuk
  3. Quantic ft. Dereb The Ambassador – Arada
  4. Maboka Marie – Laurent Lomande
  5. Guelewar – Tasito
  6. Asha Bhosle – Peene Ke Baad Aati Hain Yaad
  7. Faiza Ahmed – Nootet Al Daaf
  8. The Bollywood Brass Band – Choli Ke Peeche (What Lies Beneath Your Blouse)
  9. El Guincho – Hindou
  10. Pablo Fierro & Christian Vinci – Herencia Latina
  11. Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers – C’mon Everybody
  12. Hammond Classics – Tao Bao
  13. B’Azta – Nahavand (Original Mix)
  14. ZKYA – Soundscape
  15. Astros De Mendosa – Vamos Bailando (Andres Digital Remix)
  16. Bomba Estéro – Tambora
  17. Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningi – Amina Coulibaly
  18. Yma Sumac – Taki Rari

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 13

Episode 13: Silent shouts

Sometimes you just can’t put words to it. But we’re always taking you on a crazy funky multculti ride, better than words can describe anyway. This week the Ajvar jar contained some cúmbia, rasterinha, Sierra Leone funk, Nigerian boogie, cool Arabic stuff, Borneo Bass and an amazing Latvian-Jugo tune picked up straight out of Estonia. Ensemble Angela Vlatkovica. Enough said.


  1. Cuerpo – Dando El Rol
  2. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Banana
  3. Geraldo Pino – Let Them Talk
  4. Rob – Boogie On
  5. Karim Ziad – Aît Oumrar
  6. Raïna Raï – Hagda
  7. Nasser Mizdawi And His Guitar – Grape Tree
  8. Ensemble Angela Vlatkovica – Ima Vremena Za Ljubav
  9. Usha Uthup & Chours – Hari Om Hari
  10. Usha Uthup – Main Gul Badan
  11. Jet Airess – Pelog Lima (Original Mix)
  12. Carlos Nunez & Kaio AC – Bigode Trap
  13. MC Gorilla – Pau No Cu Do Mudo
  14. Sun City Girls – Lemur’s Urine
  15. Ganimian & His Orientals – Come With Me To The Cabash
  16. Sizzla – Blessed (Benny Page Remix)

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 12

Episode 12: Special guest appearance by Erik Gripenholm – Fast Forward Sound


Prepare for backbeat extra everything. This Friday Erik Gripenholm from the Fast Forward Sound stopped by Ajvar at Radio Skanstull, loaded with never ever before released tracks from the sound system. A few weeks ago they released their second album Mangrove Meets Ganjaman_72 in 5-track digital dub, for all the dub heads out there. We got a taste of that as well and also a weird track from the cream-bun (semla) eating Ganjaman_72. So tasty.

  1. Elikia – Africa Latina
  2. Muharem Serbezovski – Ramajana
  3. El Remolon – Nocturno
  4. Ganjaman_72 – Revenge Of The Minijack (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  5. Ganjaman_72 – New Machine (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  6. Ganjaman_72 – Blunt Culture (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  7. Determinations – War And Crime (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  8. Tony Tuff – One In A Million (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  9. Sammy Gold – Don’t Follow Them (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  10. Ganjaman_72 – War and dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  11. Determinations – Love Up The Farming (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  12. Determinations – Free (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  13. Determinations – Agony (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  14. Ganjaman_72 – Agony Dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  15. Mangrove – Renegade Robots (Fast Forward Sound)
  16. Ganjaman_72 – Renegade Dubots (Fast Forward Sound)

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 11

Episode 11: The dancehall flavored Easter egg remix by Northern Tactics

Picture: Jon Hollström

Northern Tactics is a collective of DJ:s originally based in Umeå, Sweden, with a love for and focus on fast forward dancehall, rap, funk carioca, jungle. In other words Global Bass. Ajvar got an eastern egg from Northern Tactics Erik Hedström – this bad ass mix with loads of dancehall, mixed with some Brazilian bubble and new jungle. Making this Easter mad and galang.

  1. Shabba remix – A$AP Ferg ft Shabba Ranks
  2. Jah Jah City Dub – Capleton
  3. Good Book – Demarco
  4. My Scheme – I Octane
  5. Wha Gwaan – Akaline
  6. Buddy Bye Dub – Johnny Osbourne
  7. Sekkle And Cease-  Assassin
  8. Northern Tactics Easy-Suku (Ward 21)
  9. Yuh Nuffi Easy – Chris Martin
  10. Kotch Right Deh So – Voicemail
  11. Why We Cheat – Tash & Alozade
  12. Hold It In Deh – Cecile
  13. Simple As You See It – Laden
  14. Badness – Jahmiel
  15. Bad People – Chan Dizzy
  16. Stick A Beat – Demarco
  17. Burn – Ellie Golding
  18. Gal Wine – QQ
  19. Bounce Around – QQ
  20. Road – Mr Vegas
  21. How She Do It – Mr Lexx
  22. Squat – Mr Vegas
  23. Caribbean Party – Konshens
  24. Bubble & Clip – Charly Black ft. Firm
  25. Wine & Stop – Skinny Fabulous
  26. Gringo – Voicemail ft. Saboni
  27. Tek Weh Bwoy Gal – Demarco
  28. Tun It Da Way – Kalado
  29. Kitty Cat – Gage
  30. Bad Gyal Anthem – Demarco
  31. First Night – Baby Tash
  32. No Bad Company – Versatile
  33. Loving – Jah Vinci
  34. You Want Me – Vybz Kartel
  35. Family First – I Octane
  36. Touch You (2016) – Alkaline
  37. Shake – Konshens
  38. Mamacita – Vybz Kartel & J Capri
  39. Front And Back – Sean Paul
  40. Back Out Yuh Bumper – Vershon
  41. Smokers Anthem (Weh Di Grabba) – Busy Signal
  42. Come Get This – Konshens
  43. Shell Weh – Voicemail
  44. High Tides – Cakes Da Killa
  45. Want Dem All – Sean Paul ft. Konshens
  46. All Night – Busy Signal
  47. Outta Road – Gappy Ranks
  48. Workout Mix – Supahype, DJ Kitt & Richie Feelings
  49. Wha Do Dem – Gage
  50. Juice – Jaiga
  51. Take Wine – Swappi
  52. Wha You Drinkin’ – Olatunji
  53. Party Nuh Dun – Lyrikal
  54. Monster Winer – Kerwin du Bois & Lil Rick
  55. Carimbo – Stylo G
  56. Mad & Galang – Ding Dong
  57. Unidunite – MC Latrew
  58. Dance Mais Um Poco – MC Koringa
  59. Mina Louca – MC Britney
  60. 10 Segundos – Lenny Lee
  61. They Don’t Know (Mash Up Intl. remix) – Chronixx
  62. In This Ya Time – Sugar Minott

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