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Ajvar and the funky Russian playlist

We say Russia – you say what? There’s countless of associations except perhaps for musical. At least not since the classic masters like Stravinskij and Tjajkovskij ruled. And no, the guy who won the Eurovision song contest doesn’t count. Neither does the Buranova Babushkas or Pussy Riot. But we’ve found true Russian magic and devoted this program to everything you never could guess was made in Russia.

Like the fact that the first wave surf music was actually recorded in Russia in the 60’s and was called Electron or Elektron-depending. Solid melodies and more bouncy poppy than the native surf that came out of the US the same period. The tunes from Valery Prikazchikov’s Electron Quartet and Messer Chups are packed with surf drums and samples from odd sources like jazz, east European animation soundtracks, and American B-pictures. Topped with guitar solos and theremin.

The 80’s electro aerobics generation made an impact Soviet-style  with a series of records called Pulse with artists like A. Rodionov & B. Tikhoniov.  And there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation why the even produced the record. In true Soviet spirit :

“Physical exercise to music can greatly help to organize rationally our work and rest. Both musical and human motion rhythms may be classed as ‘functional’, with an essential influence on Man’s health and productivity. The present record is a joint venture of the Melodia sound-recording firm and the USSR Sports Committee, first in a planned series under ‘Pulse’ heading meant to emphasize the vital importance of physical culture.

Lubov Bogdanova,
International Master of Sports”

And every country (almost) must have a Rastafari movement. Jah Division is f the first Russian Rastafarian Reggae group with frontman Gerbert Morales the son of Leopoldo Morales, Cuban prominent revolutionary and National Hero of the Republic of Cuba who lost his life in Bolivia together with Che Guevara. Jah Division adopting the Rasta Ideology and giving rise, and praise, to the Russian Rasta movement. Respect.

But nothing beats this though. Pure nationalistic Soviet kitsch meets Bollywood-dancing  tribute to the biggest thing there’s – sport. Estonian Tõnis Mägi’s performing the official Olympic song Olimpiada 80 for the 1980 games in Moscow and made it a symbol of it’s own.

Ajvar’s Russian playlist

  1. Alfred Schnittke – Po Raduge
  2. Apelsin – Toska
  3. Grammofon – Fix
  4. Gruppa Valentina Badiarova – Dialog
  5. Kvartet Elektron – Posmotri
  6. Alexander Zatsepin – Tanets Robotov
  7. Alma – Pouyshaya Guitara
  8. Raduga – Rassvetaet
  9. Gunarz Rozenbergs – Disko Roze
  10. Argo Diskophonia
  11. Alexandr Katenin – Cappuchino
  12. Osinski Ensamble – Safari
  13. A. Rodionov & B Tikhoniov – Budilnik
  14. Krasnye Maki – Byloi Proshlo
  15. Forum – Davaite Sozvioncmia
  16. Chervona Ruta – Chicheri
  17. Via Gaya – Amar Yar
  18. Muslim Magomaev – Gorod Muy Baku
  19. Grupo Quadro – Citadelj
  20. Teitsuits Makacinas – Disko Muzika
  21. Tõnis Mägi – Olimpiada 80
  22. Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Meness Deja
  23. Cherivni Gitary – Kalina
  24. Alexendr Zatsepin – Tanets Shamana
  25. Andrey Petrov – Party Music
  26. Via 75 – Orovela
  27. Jah Division – Cuba Cubana
  28. 5’Nizza – Jamaika
  29. Sam – Eto Bilo Tak
  30. Sam – Revolucija
  31. Lesikov 16 – Penetrator
  32. Igor Chernjavsij – Begstvo Iz Moskva


So here’s the Moomahton mix from the second part of the last show:

1h Moombahton Mix by Ajvar


  1.  Riot Earp – Should I Care
  2. Lord Nelson – Shango (Daniel Haaksman & DJ Bewa Remix)
  3. Chief Boima –  Sina Makossa (Uproot Andy Remix)
  4. World Hood – Elekes (Sonora Remix)
  5. Cabo Blanco – La Fiesta
  6. Bad Yard Club – In De Ghetto
  7. MIR Crew – Willito
  8. Arehouse – Besame Ahora o Nunca
  9. Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah (Afrojack Remix)
  10. Dave Nada – Moombahton
  11. Pegandotelosdedos – Party People
  12. Teenage Mutants – Bangla (Cousin Culo Edit)
  13. Baltic Balkan feat Banda Dzeta – Katapulta (Bofriend & Ckrono Remix)
  14. Carl Tricks & MC flipside – Scenster (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
  15. Sazon Booya – El Gato Volador
  16. Donae’o ft. Sarkodie – Move to da gyal dem (David Heartbreak Remix)
  17. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)
  18. Dance Kill Move – Arakibombo
  19. Lucy Gonzales – La aventureraa (Dance kill move Remix)
  20. DJ Chus, Lissat & Voltaxx – Vuela Paloma (Melo Moombahton Edit)
  21. Mendez + Riot Earp – Brazil (Disgraceland)
  22. Geek Boy & Kreecha – Unicorn Cascade
  23. MIR Crew – Warlord

Ajvar goes Shanghaan and Moombathon

Welcome to our first stop on the new, but not unfamiliar, Ajvar-journey around the world. Instead of jumping from one continent and genre to another in rapid-speed and crazy mashed-up mixes we’ve decided to stay for about an hour in one place giving digging deeper into whatever we feel is this month’s listening ftw.

So let’s get down to South Africa and that Shangaan and Tsonga music that almost always features a male lead vocalist backed by female singers, a guitar, keyboard or synth and disco rhythms. A sound that Paul Simon adapted in 1986:s smashing Grammy award-winning album Graceland when he features General MD Shirinda in the song I Know What I Know. Other famous Shangaan/Tsonga-disco pioneers are Thomas Chauke & the Shinyori Sisters,  the pop singer Peta Teanet, Penny Penny, George Maluleke and Ajvar favorites The Beaters (Harari).

Then, around 2005, came the Shangaan electro. High speed-neckbreaking-booty-swevelling madness from the heart of the township Soweto. The roots from classic Shanghaan/Tsonga, up-speeded mashed up with rich instrumentation, choirs, funny samples and vocal craziness. No one does it better than the Tshe Tsha boys – the Shangaan dance crew dance that dresses up in whicked colorful overalls and clown faces. The music is entrenched in South African culture and the band has taken Shanghaan electro to another level. Out in the streets.  And as a result being love by every western pop-culture institution.

And as a, obvious, remake of the remake the next step was the minimalistic disco-house remixes of the Shanghaan electro when MMM meats Tshe Tsha Boys in. It’s the same marimbas, with splashing cymbals, horror vocals and miasmatic scraps of melody. Alltogether – a closed Shanghaan circle.

The second stop  this month is all about Moombathon and off course the sub-genre that developed around it like moombahsoul, moombahcore, cumbiaton. Moombathon is Dutch house screwed down to sound like reggaeton’s weird little cousin. Musically, moombahton is basically Dutch house or electro house at the tempo of reggaeton (usually 108-115 bpm) with reggaeton influenced drum and percussion elements. And some thick bass lines, dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse and quick drum fills.

The person behind the genre, kind of the moombathon father, is Dave Nada. A 32-year-old Washington D.C-based DJ and producer. After months of experimentation he DJ debuted with his Moombathon remixes at a Vancouver party during the 2010 Olympics and then released his free Moombahton EP. The dance floors around the world loves it. Including Ajvar:s. And perhaps taking fast song speeding them down is the new it.

Ajvar:s Shanghaan and Moombathon playlist
  1. Obed Ngobeni And The Kurula Sisters – Eka Diza
  2. Joe Shirimani ft. Penny Penny – Hambanini
  3. George Maluleke – Mani Tolovela
  4. Thomas Chauke – Rosa
  5. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma
  6. Brickz ft. Oskido – Eskem Esingalali
  7. Paul Simon ft. General MD Shirinda – I Know What I Know
  8. Kaysha – Anofela On Est Ensemble
  9. Joe Shiriman – Ku Khola
  10. MMM meats Tshe Tsha Boys – MMM
  11. George Maluleke – Riorheli (Remix)
  12. JJ Chauke & The Tiyimeleni Young Sisters – Madyisa Mbitsi
  13. Riot Earp – Should I Care
  14. Lord Nelson – Shango (Daniel Haaksman & DJ Bewa Remix)
  15. Chief Boima –  Sina Makossa (Uproot Andy Remix)
  16. World Hood – Elekes (Sonora Remix)
  17. Cabo Blanco – La Fiesta
  18. Bad Yard Club – In De Ghetto
  19. MIR Crew – Willito
  20. Arehouse – Besame Ahora o Nunca
  21. Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah (Afrojack Remix)
  22. Dave Nada – Moombahton
  23. Pegandotelosdedos – Party People
  24. Teenage Mutants – Bangla (Cousin Culo Edit)
  25. Baltic Balkan feat Banda Dzeta – Katapulta (Bofriend & Ckrono Remix)
  26. Carl Tricks & MC flipside – Scenster (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
  27. Sazon Booya – El Gato Volador
  28. Donae’o ft. Sarkodie – Move to da gyal dem (David Heartbreak Remix)
  29. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)
  30. Dance Kill Move – Arakibombo
  31. Lucy Gonzales – La aventureraa (Dance kill move Remix)
  32. DJ Chus, Lissat & Voltaxx – Vuela Paloma (Melo Moombahton Edit)
  33. Mendez + Riot Earp – Brazil (Disgraceland)
  34. Geek Boy & Kreecha – Unicorn Cascade
  35. MIR Crew – Warlord
  36. Wendy Sulca – Live A Virgin (El Gato Deejay & Caballo Remix)

Rumors are spreading…

…that Ajvar’s back on the air. And yes, the rumors are ever so true. This Sunday we’re premiering this season’s first show – it’s a new day (obviously Sunday), increased time 16.00-18.00 and more packed with the very best from all over the place mashed and mixed up.

The frequency is still 95,3 but the new platform is called Stockholm College Radio

So from now on it’s bigger, better, taller, lager, faster and stronger. And we’ll event try  to be a bit thematic. For the premiere November 4th we’ve prepared the best moombathon and shangaan disco there is.

Like this teaser:

But this improved Ajvar is not avaliable everey week thougt. This is the Ajvar- show-dates from now till June 2013:

November 4
December 2
December 30
January 27
February 24
March 24
April 28
May 26
June 23

Are you ready? We’re so let’s go.

Ajvar’s autumn harvest bash

In the Balkans back in the days people use to make lots and lots of Ajvar in the autumn to take care of all the yummie vegetables. Well, autumn is certainly here and in true Ajvar-spirit, we have preaped the best harvest party of Japaneese playdisco, Bollywood classics, Eastern folk, African blues, European brass, Carribean grooves, American folk and cool cúmbia.

Mixed up in the craziest most delicious mess.

So forget bout your autumn depression, put on your dancing shoes and come down to us in Morfar Ginko’s basement on Saturday 20 October.

Ajvar’s autumn harvest bash
Saturday, October 20
Morfar Ginko
Swedenborgsgatan13, Subway: Mariatorget