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Ajvar new at school 2016 autumn mix

We might be old in the game but we still treat every autumn as if we were on our way to first grade. Naive, excited, with the world at our feet. And since there’s so much new tunes popping out we decided to make an hour of the hottest stuff right now, vigilant recorded at our gig at Tranan.


Ajvar:s autumn 2016 soundtrack features electronic/acoustic fusion from Mugwisa International Xylophone Group, voodoo-funk from Vaudou Game, heavy Matiksoul dancehall, A Toots And The Maytals Funky Kingston edit and Kalbata:s Middle Eastern techno smasher Al Sharq. For example. Heads will bang, feet will burn and you’ll continue to listen to Ajvar Radio for the rest of your life.

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Ajvar at Trädgårdens late summer graduation

So much love in the heart of Stockholm when Trädgården closed for this summer. Ajvar were there providing the very best of cray, funky, multikulti beats featuring Gregory Isaacs report to you, classic Brazil party groove á la Olodum, Mastiksoul Gasosa and a heart breaking Pastor Lopez.


For those of you not present we’ve fixed the essential mix, for every dancefloor from here on to around May or June. Then, hopefully, we’ll do it all over again.

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 52

Episode 52: The Midsummer night madness mix

Tropical heat, blazing sun and endless lazy days by the sea. Or, thirteen degrees, heavy rain and left in the city struggling. Despite what kind of Swedish summer ahead we’ve the ultimate summer soundtrack mixed and mashed up for you.


Put on your sunglasses or raincoat and start dancing to Mumbai Disco Sensation, Latin house, Turntables on the Caribbean, Brazilian Shakedown, Real Nice beats and lots of clap clap. Summer is officialy on.

  1. Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate – Tamala
  2. Unozbeck & Venturi – Mumbai Disco Sensation
  3. William Onyeabor – Why Go To War
  4. Carrot Green – Ponto Gira (CG Original Mamba Mix)
  5. Timboletti – Markovic (Original Mix)
  6. Real Nice – In Africa (ItaloBros Remix)
  7. Valda, Soulful Train & Norty Cotto – Muevete (Norty Cotto Remix)
  8. Innov Gnawa – Toura Toura (Mr Assisters Assisted Version)
  9. Hataah – Marduk (Original Mix)
  10. Celia Cruz – Herencia Africana (Branko Remix)
  11. Pablo Fierro & Deep Square – El Día De Mi Suerte
  12. Esnard Boisdur – Soufwans (Frankie Francis & Simbad Remix)
  13. Ihsan Al Munzer – Jamileh
  14. International Soleil Band – Ta Lassa (Hide & Smile Edit)
  15. Rafael Aragon – Shâamaàn (Tribilin Sound Edit)
  16. El Bu’ho – Tecolotin
  17. Señor Chancho – Cúmbia Espacial
  18. Gilberto Gil – Umeboshi (Gerra G Edit)
  19. Mehmet Aslan – Baladi
  20. DJ Jigue Y Tumba Francesa La Caridad De Oriente – RIVE
  21. Toni Bassi – Mabel

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 51

Episode 51: The Habibi Funk stories

Could it be that the best album of the year has already been released? The people at Habibi Funk Record has dropped a brilliantly curated reissue – an exclusive guide into the music of Algerian composer Ahmed Malek, whose catalog of groovy, funky and melancholic movie scores from the 1970s, have earned him the title of Algeria’s answer to Ennio Morricone. This album not only contains remastered versions of songs from Musique Original De Films, but also previously unreleased tracks, unseen video footage, and rare photos. Stories as good as the amazing music.


We also did some Belgian waffles edits, wonderful and rare Blackmans Fever and 80:s West African groove from The International Soleil Band Soundway Record edit that would and should slay discerning dancefloors this summer.

  1. Ahmed Malek – Un Toit Et Un Famille
  2. Ahmed Malek – La Ville
  3. Ahmed Malek – La Silence Des Cendres
  4. AkizzBeatzz – I’m An African (Timboletti Remix)
  5. Club Des Belugas – Iko Iko (Papa Cubana Remix)
  6. Fatnotronic – Margarida
  7. I Robots – Come To Harm (Djembe Monks Zimbabwe Session)
  8. Waffles – Spanish Fly
  9. Alula – Blackmans Fever
  10. Ajvar Soundsystem – Ah Ah Ah
  11. Atalaku 8 – Africa
  12. International Soleil Band – Ta Lassa
  13. Neville Watson – One Four Green
  14. King Ghazi – Shamaleh (Gilb’R Main Mix)
  15. Mmirzino Jato – Najsladi Rode

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 50

Episode 50: The welcome summertime soundtrack

Summer is here straight out of winter. So we’re switching straight into that hot and vibrant soundtrack that makes you want to dance outside all night long, no matter where in the world you are. Taking a trip to Mexico and Columbia in search of cumbia treasures with Boogie Down Edits, getting into steel band covers with Bacao Rythm & Steel Band and philosophize about why no one hasn’t done a cover, an edit or a jingle of mighty Gregory Isaacs Report To Me (ok, so we’ll do that).


And no summer soundtrack without the nexus of the Tropical music monsoon – Thor Partridge, aka. Thornato. Featuring KarenBe is global bass music at its peak.

  1. Songhai – Ne Ne Koitaa
  2. Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno ft. U-Roy & Alice Russell – Tru Thoughts
  3. Mad Professor – Buccaneers’ Cove
  4. Kiko Bun ft. Dre Island – Alipanga
  5. Ruf Dug – Rasta Beach
  6. Gregory Isaacs – Report To Me
  7. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Suave
  8. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Beetham Highway
  9. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Was Dog A Doughnut
  10. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Police In Helicopters
  11. Boogie Down Edits – Chambuk
  12. Thornato feat. KarenBe – Koz Kazah
  13. Gilles Peterson – Yambu (Diasuke Tanabe & Yosi Horikawa Remix)
  14. Teba – F C K
  15. Fadaei – Mostaghel
  16. Raze De Soare – Fereastra USA
  17. Piruso Y Su Boina – Descarga
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