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Northern Tactics Mix

Our friends from north of Sweden (Umeå) made a fantastic mix that we want to share with you.
Check out NT on the web:

NT-It´s a Global Ting part 1 by NorthernTactics

1. Binary Cumbia Orchestra-Ydyay
2. French Fries-Senta (Max le Deron RaveCumbiation)
3. Ricky Blaze-Wine Pon Di Floor
4. Diplo-Horsey
5. Dillon Francis-Beautician
6. Frenzy-Breather
7. Toby IOI-Switch
8. Buraka Som Sistema-Hangover (BaBaBa) (Swick Remix)
9. Bonde do Tigrao-Éguinha Pocotó
10. MC K9-Curtir A Vida
11. MC Koringa-No Calor Da Madrugada
12. Feadz-Subiu, Desceu feat. MC Wesley
13. Genghis Clan feat Mr Catra-Gathina
14. Diamond Bass-Se Prepara (J-Wow Edit)
15. Marcus Price & Carli-Bubbelgum
16. Warrior One feat Roysto Williams-Wavey
17. Splintz-Don’t You Dare
18. Pacheko-Lamissy
19. Rodolfo Con Los Hispanos-Boquita De Caramelo (So Shifty Edit)

Eastern on Saturday

We have a great show in store for Saturday. I just got hold of this rare record which has to qualify to the record of the week.
Great arabic/eastern psychadelia/exotica. Slide guitars and belly-dance-madness-rock from the 60-s. Wonderful record. It is a first release of the German label Weltraum Disk. There is only vinyl and you can get it on Discogs.

Then we got a great afro mix from Dr. Crackels in Germany for the final half hour of the show. Don’t miss!