Ajvar’s closing the 2011 book

Everything must come to an end. Not Ajvar though, but our broadcasting-clubing-mixing 2011 is per today over. Closing the book, like we do every year, with the beautiful and breathtaking Christmas anthem Irie Christmas by Freddie McGregor. And a classic Ajvar mix made to last over the holiday and a few days more. Hip hip hooray.

Ajvar 2011 season final mix

2011 was the year Ajvar particularly liked:

  • Great female voices
  • Huff + puff
  • Morfar Ginko (the basement)
  • Turkish percussionists
  • Every band, group or song that beginning with “Los”
  • Alma Krkic
  • Honest Jon’s Records
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Andy Warhol
  • Shangaan Electro
  • Surf rock
  • Usain Bolt
  • Grupo Kual
  • Japanese accid jazz

Better that if you can 2012.