The High Life playlist

About ones a year the tropical futuristic dance music-duo Swedish Palms visit Ajvar. And since summer is just around the corner we thought let’s bring em over again. Anna Lindström and Sebastian Matz, who are also hosting the club High Life in Stockholm is frequently delivering their pounding baselines and blistering synth strands to Musikguiden at Sveriges Radio P3.

This time they brought new electronic rhythms from Africa and Latin America like Staff Benda Bilili that’s one of the greatest global success stories of the past three years. The group of street musicians who used to live and play on the streets in Kinshasa, Congo, and when their rumba-rooted grooves, vibrant vocals and extraordinary tin-can guitar solos became the thing the western world just have to make a TV documentary…

This High Life special also includes Congolese drumming, a mystic Colombian orchestra, classic soukous stars, West African top notch coupe decale and knife sharp champeta. Pure rhythm magic.

  1. Jo Tongo – Piani
  2. Mandingo – Harima
  3. K. Fimpong & Super Comlex Soun – Ahyewa (Hide and Smile Edit)
  4. Bappi Lahiri – Yaad Aa Rahi Hai
  5. Staff Benda Bilili – Osali Mabe
  6. Tchico – Tchicaya – Le Rossignol De Pointe Noire
  7. Virunga – Vidonge
  8. DJ Maréchal – Séka Séka
  9. Awilo Longomba – Karolina
  10. Varela Bodinho – Yaya
  11. Colomiafrica The Mystic Orchestra – Mini Kusuto
  12. Kobiyashi – By The Way
  13. DJ Caloudji ft. DJ Arafat, Marginal & Serpent Noir – Pipo
  14. Aurlus Mabele – Soto
  15. Kanda Bongo Man – Zing Zong
  16. Fally Ipupa ft. Krys – Sexy Dace