Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 23

Episode 23: Boogie men go Yugodisco

Boooo. Ajvar’s celebrating Día de Muertos our own way. With a few scary song, including the Pumpkin Belly, and then all in on the smooth and funky Yugodisco from the 70:s and 80:s. This week’s smasher is a rare, almost impossible to find tune from Macedonian-Albanian Arian, who released an elusive LP in 1981. Recorded in New York and containing the purest disco funk treasure – Lutas Velikim Gradom. Where Arian went after this is a mystery. Kind of spooky.


  1. Louie Ramirez – The Boogie Man
  2. Morenito De Fuego – Zombi
  3. Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
  4. Djamel Allam – Au Dela Des Mers
  5. Jazz Orkestrar Radio-Televizije – Prolecna Etida
  6. Kornelije Kovac – Sretni Ljudi
  7. Igor Savin – U Mukama Rodjena
  8. Igor Savin – Folk Sinteza
  9. Mihajlo Blam – Gorila
  10. Funky Junkie – Sly Gianna
  11. Funky Junkie – FLK Dub
  12. Bixiga 70 – Ocupai
  13. Arian – Lutas Velikim Gradom
  14. El Remolón – El Chamuyero

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