Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 48

Episode 48: The sweetness and the bad beats

Sometimes an Ajvar hour is very structured and themed. But mostly not. This time starting in a relaxed mode highlighting one of the most beautiful voices the world has ever known. South African Letta Mbula:s Nomalizo from the 1983 album In The Music……The Village Never Ends is not only oh so expensive but also worth its price.


The second part however is all about beats, so good and captivating that they kept us quite while the mix went on. From Senegalese 70:s Fangool, Brazil classic Willie Colon Captain Planet mashed up to Moroccan Gnawa music and our favorite Congolese electric likembé bazombo band Konono No 1. Enjoy the diversity. And the silence.

  1. Painel De Controle – Relax
  2. PS Edits – Tantsuy (Dr Cuts Edit)
  3. Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
  4. Letta Mbula – Nomalizo
  5. Myriam Makeba – Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit)
  6. Le Sourouba De Louga – Bour Sine
  7. Renegades Of Jazz – Pounding Song
  8. Rockwell Fukino – Coast To Coast
  9. Fangool – Mariama
  10. Carlos E Maffalda – Chega
  11. Willie Colon – Ya Llego  (Captain Planet Remix)
  12. Alma Negra – Ramboia
  13. Valda & Soulful Train – Muevete (Norty Cotto Remix)
  14. Innov Gnawa – Toura Toura
  15. Celia Cruz – Herencia Africana (Branko Remix)
  16. Konono No 1 – Nlele Kalusimbiko
  17. Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band – Long Wat
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