The long expected comeback into the light


And then suddenly, it happens. After en extremely long and aggravating spring, having babies, diseases and other occupying thing to focus on, we finally make the comeback of the year. Probably the decade. And we’re doing it in style. Featuring Greek electro from the 70:s, Control Machete:s Mexican hip hop, Arabic funkjazz from Al Massrieen and loads and loads of Afro-disco.


Like South African bubblegum disco classic 707 by Om Alec Khaoli’s Umoja. An excellent and significant contribution to the sound of the 80:s And instead of doing 1970:s Nigerian funk and disco like everybody else we’re Doing It In Lagos with Hotline. A little bit more electro funk and boogie but none the less brilliant.

  1. George Theodorasis – The Rules Of The Game
  2. Vangelis Katsoulis – Slipping Beauty (Telephones Rework)
  3. Deela – Sundance
  4. Mexican Institute Of Sound – México
  5. Al Massrien – El Sobhiya
  6. Control Machete – Danzin
  7. Control Machete – Comprendes Mendes
  8. Umoja – 707
  9. Hotline – Fallas Doing It In Lagos
  10. Soothsayers – Blinded Souls
  11. Los Macuanos – Ritmo De Amor
  12. Busy Signal & Miku Hatsune – Everybody Moves (Andrés Digital Remix)
  13. Kasai Allstrars – Drowning Goat
  14. Oluko Imo – Praise Jah
  15. AR Rahman – Hai Rama
  16. Joe King Kologbo – All Fingers Are Not Equal

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