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Ajvar @ Morfar Ginko 20 October 2012 – Recording

So in anticipation of the next Ajvar Soundsystem session @ Morfar Ginko on the 16th of November and the return of the Radio show on 95,3 MHz, we post the recording of the previous party. Enjoy!

Saturday Night Ajvar!

All good things must not come to an end. So don’t worry, Ajvar’s only going on summer vacation and we’re doing it superstyle. For this season last show we’ve invited or favourites Axel and Calle who did a mind-blowing stand in november last year. Then Ajvar continues the evening at Morfar Ginko providing the worldwide, crazy, dancing tunes you just can not not dace to. As if that wasn’t enough we’ll bring DJ Erorikok from Fast Forward Sound with us. So yes, your reggaerequests will be fulfilled. Come join us in our  Japaneese rock, Bollywood classics, Eastern folk, African blues, European brass, Carribean grooves, American folk…

Ajvar season final
THS Radio 95,3
Saturday June 13, 19.00

Ajvar Soundsystem feat DJ Erorikok at Morfar Ginko
Swedenborgsgatan 13
Saturday June 13, 21-01

Playlist 2009-05-30

Yes, we’re back in the studio and on the air. A bit rusty but ever so inspired. Starting off with the lovley voice of singer and producer Derrick Harriot this show became, unplanned, every-two-reggae-song-show. The Uppsetters, Spectacular and The Royal Rasses is also on the list. Our favourite (at least one of our favourites) Yugoslav musician Mr Goran Bregović has released a new album, Alkohol, and although it doesn’t make us all overexcited it’s still very listenable. Wheter it’s a village that Goran Bregović sings about in the song Jeremia is still an open question…

Goran. This time good but not great

  1. Derrick Harriott – Slave
  2. Edson Gomes & Bando Cão De Raca – Apocalipse
  3. The Royal Rasses – Mr. Kissinger
  4. Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros – Silbando
  5. Ska Cubano – Jezebel
  6. The Pimps Of Joytime – Bonita
  7. Goran Bregović – Jeremia
  8. Goran Bregović – Paradehtika
  9. Bedouìn Soundclash – Criminal
  10. Spectacular – Marcus Garvey
  11. Novalima – Africa landó
  12. The Upsetters – Waap You Waa
  13. Fela Kuti – Ariya (Mixed by Chief Xcel)
  14. Ajvar Exclusive…
  15. …and another Ajvar Exclusive

Playlist 2009-04-04

Pissed-off afrobeat from Seun, the yungest son of Fela Kuti, followed by one of the pioneer’s of modern Arabic music Achmed Fakaroun. And then it was disco all show long. Our returning guest Gustav (bandithagen.blogspot.com) provided sweet european 80’s discotunes from Holland, England, Greece and Italy. Like a pretty little message from a star.

  1. John McFarland – Jungle Bells
  2. Hugh Masekela – Lady
  3. Seun Kuti – Na Oil
  4. Mombasa – Massai
  5. Ahmed Fakaorun – Solei Solei
  6. Li Berg – The Smorgasbord (Sweden)
  7. Second Image – Is It Me?(UK)
  8. Ahmed Fakaroun – Jama El F’na
  9. The Limit – Say Yeah (Holland)
  10. Ago – You Make Me Do (Italy)
  11. Rah Band – Message From A Star (UK)
  12. Demis Roussos  – I Dig You (Greece)
  13. Change – The Glow Of Love (Italy)