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No bullshit, just Ajvar!

We will not bore you this week with our uumms and öööös. Just 60 minutes of pure mix of that paprika relish.

  1. Karim Ziad – Aît Oumrar
  2. Fanga – Crache La Doleur
  3. Omar Suleyman – Crystaline
  4. Anthony joseph & the Spasm Band – Griot
  5. Amanditita – La Muy Muy
  6. Joyce – Para Balar
  7. Hot 8 Brass Band – Get Up
  8. Souljazz Orchestra – Kapital
  9. Errante y Bohemio – Laba Soseh
  10. Doris Monteiro – Eu Quero, Eu Quero
  11. Ebo Taylor – Mizin
  12. Depois de carnival- Azymuth


Playlist 2010-09-11 Nathan-style

Ajvar welcome back one of our favourit guests Nathan aka Nasty Nate who has a story for every song played. Kind of like a historylesson but oh so much more elevating. The theme today was “World Music”, why this is an impossible term and how this music influenced the tunes we dance to in clubs today.

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  1. Sao Paulo Underground – Afrihouse
  2. Transglobal Underground – Pomengrante
  3. Bob Azzam – Mustafa
  4. Salah Ragab – Egypt Strut
  5. Burundi Black – Burundi Black
  6. Hugh Masakela – Dont go loose it baby
  7. Disciples – Addis Ababa
  8. Toni Tornado – Podes Crer, Amizade
  9. Airto – Andei
  10. Lucio Battisti – Gli Uomini Celest
  11. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Kabaluere
  12. Son Palenque – Palengue Palengue

Eastern on Saturday

We have a great show in store for Saturday. I just got hold of this rare record which has to qualify to the record of the week.
Great arabic/eastern psychadelia/exotica. Slide guitars and belly-dance-madness-rock from the 60-s. Wonderful record. It is a first release of the German label Weltraum Disk. There is only vinyl and you can get it on Discogs.

Then we got a great afro mix from Dr. Crackels in Germany for the final half hour of the show. Don’t miss!

Album of the week (Love Words)

Ahmed Fakroun – Soleil Soleil (Released 1985)

If you are one of those better Ajvar listeners you have probably heard a song from this album in one of the older shows. Almost two years ago a New York based Dj Language made an edit of “Soleil Soleil” featured on our record of the week.

Born in Lybia,  Ahmed Fakroun is one of the pioneer’s in the modern Arabic music. Love Words is his third release and it is recorded in Paris, France. I would say that this album is very time typical with its synths and disco guitar licks. At the same time it is Arabic rhythm’s and melodies. Listen to Ajvar on Saturday to hear at least two track from this great album.

BBC made a short interview with Ahmed. You can read it here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7434014.stm

Our dear friend Gustoo from Radio show Bandithagen is visiting us so we expect some Latin America in the studio.

Official site of Ahmed Fakroun: http://www.ahmedfakroun.com