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Psycadelic..list 2009-06-06

This weeks show was dedicated to all musicians not afraid to take a step or two outside the box, across the border, over the line and so on. Psycadelic tunes from Turky, Yugoslavia, Mexico and Nigeria, progressive and provocative. From well-known legend Baris Manco to the captivate New York-based 60’s hard rock-psychedelic band The Devil’s Anvil. Signed on megalabel Columbi Record The Devil’s Anvil released their album Hard Rock From the Middle East in 1967 with a mix of hard rock and psychedelic sound with Arab vocals and traditional instrumentals. But that was it. Due to political tensions between Israel and neighboring Arab countries no radio station wanted to play their music. Cruel history. Smoked.


  1. Runa Laila – Suno Suno
  2. Bijelo Dugme – Sanjao Sam Nocas Da Te Nemam
  3. Ozdemir Erdogan Ve Orkestrasi – Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim
  4. Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar – Trip
  5. Dies Irae – Another Room
  6. The Devils Anvil – Wala dai
  7. The Devils Anvil – Shisheler
  8. Los Canarios – Free Yourself
  9. Selda – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
  10. Merrel Fankhauser And HMS Bounty – Visit With Ashiya
  11. Azteka – Mamita Linda
  12. Asiko Rock Group – Solo Mon a Ndoan
  13. El Chicano – Gringo En Mexico
  14. Ofo & The Black Company – Eniaro
  15. Bijelo Dugme – Izgledela je malo cudno u zutom kaputu krojenom bez veze
  16. Question Mark – Freaking Out