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Spotify and Emir goes Brazil

One third of Ajvar is off to Brazil for that famous carneval, some serious record hunting and maby a caprihina or two. Insted of a propher good by party Emir’s provided a Brazilian Spotify list style extra large. From classic Jorge Ben, Gal Costa and Eliana Pittman to today’s disco sensation Afrobutt and jazz fusion legend Flora Purim this is a the only Brazilian music cotail you need. Vá em frente e dança!

Ajvar:s Brazilian Spotify XL

Playlist 2010-09-11 Nathan-style

Ajvar welcome back one of our favourit guests Nathan aka Nasty Nate who has a story for every song played. Kind of like a historylesson but oh so much more elevating. The theme today was “World Music”, why this is an impossible term and how this music influenced the tunes we dance to in clubs today.

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  1. Sao Paulo Underground – Afrihouse
  2. Transglobal Underground – Pomengrante
  3. Bob Azzam – Mustafa
  4. Salah Ragab – Egypt Strut
  5. Burundi Black – Burundi Black
  6. Hugh Masakela – Dont go loose it baby
  7. Disciples – Addis Ababa
  8. Toni Tornado – Podes Crer, Amizade
  9. Airto – Andei
  10. Lucio Battisti – Gli Uomini Celest
  11. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Kabaluere
  12. Son Palenque – Palengue Palengue

Playlist 2009-11-07

This one-hour show became one and a half. Our guest Faruk brought his African-brazilian- djungle-funky-tunes and with no government stopping us we decides to play on. Some polish jazz by Wojciech Karolak, a little bit of non-footballer Ze Roberto’s Lotus 72D and a massive piece of Rico Rodriguez 1977 to die for Lumumba. Best of tonight was Open Fornarinas song Fala Tanto i from label Lovemonk. A sweet n’ funky tune, and a record-cover that comes with a smashing recipie of Salmorejo de el pez gordo (Thick cold tomato soup). Yum,  Ajvarstyle.

6 tomatoes, about 800 gr pretty red ones!
2 small garlic cloves
150 gr thick breadcrumb
Extra virgin olive oil
Sherry vinegar
1 green pepper

  1. Nahid Akhtar – Dilbar Bilbra
  2. Curumin – Caixa Prieta
  3. S. Hazarasingh . Aa Jane Jaan
  4. Sonido Del Principe
  5. Blood Dracula – Speeding
  6. Congas – Africanism
  7. Segun Okeji – I Like Woman
  8. Rudebway Fokus – Gypsy Dub
  9. Masakela – Mama
  10. Wojciech Karolak – Why Not Samba
  11. Dusko Goykovich – Quo Vadis Samba
  12. Raoul Zequiera – Quiereme Mucho
  13. Ze Roberto – Lotus 72D
  14. Jungle music
  15. Rico Rodriguez – Lumumba
  16. Dubben – Cuba Cabana Strand
  17. Open Fornarina – Fala Tanto
  18. Bama And The Family – Feel Good
  19. Pekka Streng – Puutarhassa

Playlist 2009-09-19

We got a tip about this guy called Felix that was a Dj in the club called Nega Flô in Gothenburg. We heard he had some great music from Brazil and that their club is one the few that is not just Samba oriented. Instead they are playing more funky stuff that we are not that spoiled with here. So we had to invite him to Ajvar.

Here is the playlist:

  1. O Bando / Same – E Assim Falava Mefistoleles
  2. Dub Pistols – Ganja
  3. Mogollar – Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Böyle
  4. Hat – Makossa & Megablast & Smadj
  5. Os Brazoes – Tao Longe De Mim
  6. Kamal Ahmed – I am very sorry
  7. ———- Felix ————–

  8. Planet Hemp – Queimando tudo
  9. Carlinhos Brown – A namorada
  10. Cabruera – Bateando omartelo nas mesmas cabecas
  11. Farofa Carioca – Moro no Brasil
  12. NV Bill & Caetano Veloso – Lingua do Tamandua
  13. Cabruera – Magistrado ladrao
  14. Marcelinho da Lua – Black Lua
  15. Gabriel o Pensador – Cachimbo da paz