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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 27

Episode 27: The ultimate irie irie Christmas

There’s no such thing as an Ajvar Christmas special, we simply don’t do it the main stream way. Instead this last 2014 show is packed with goodies from T.P.O.K Jazz Congo style, Tsonga Disco from the greatest South African soul singer of the 1970:s, Afro-Brazilian Latin house-beats from Da Lata and the Freedom Family sweetest happy song. No jingle bells but loads of groove.


However there’s one tradition worth keeping, honoring and repeating – the ultimate Christmas tune. So from all of us, and Freddie McGregor, to all of you a very irie Christmas.

  1. La Sonora Dinamita – El Ciclon
  2. Daniel Ponce – Oromi
  3. Verckys Et L’Orchestre – Talali Tala
  4. Franco Et Josky Kiambukuta Du T.P.O.K Jazz – Partage
  5. Mpharanyana – Disco
  6. Azymuth – Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza, Berimbau
  7. Muyei Power – Yamba Sowe
  8. T.P.O.K Jazz – Pablo Tumbajika
  9. Sam Mangwana – Affaire Disco
  10. Batida – Tá Doce
  11. Adama Yalomoba
  12. Da Lata – Un Amor A Mais (Remix)
  13. Da Lata ft. Myra Andrade – Unknown
  14. Freedom Family – Lala Li
  15. Freddie McGregor – Irie Christmas

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