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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 55

Episode 55: Over and out 2016

If you’re into that jingle bells and Santa stuff. we’re sorry to disappoint you. Christmas shows just isn’t our thing. And since 2016 kind of sucked we’re all about gathering crazy, funky, multikulti beats with grove and love prepping for a 2017 that only can go higher.


We do it with Japanese 60:s pop beats from Jun Mayuzumi, the first ever electronic space music themed record from former Yugoslavia between 1981 and 2015 Yugoslavian Space Program, Cairo force of nature Islam Chipsy and Finland’s very own Dracula Frederik. Our biggest hope for next year we put in the hands of Ahmed Gallab’s project Sinkane. The band has announced Life & Livin’ It, a new record to be released in February. The video for lead single U’Huh celebrates positivity in a world filled with countless not very nice things.

But all states of mind have their exceptions. And Ajvar has one (1) Christmas tradition ftw. namely Freddie McGregor. The one and ultimate Christmas tune worth repeating. So, from all of us  to all of you a very Irie Christmas.

  1. Luiz Ggonzaga Jr – Galope (Salvador Araguaya Edit)
  2. Salvador Y El Peche – Orvalho
  3. Acid Arab – Stil
  4. Mansa’91 – Chuku (Stas Remix)
  5. Oskarova Fobija – IzmedU Dve Kapi Znoja
  6. Miha Kralj – Robot
  7. Francis Bebey – Savanah Georgia
  8. Raja Zahr – A Drummer And A Dancer
  9. Islam Chipsy – Moled El Gomhoreya (Yehia El Tonsy Remix)
  10. Sinkane – U’huh
  11. Amanaz – Khala My Friend
  12. Jun Mayuzumi – Black Room
  13. The Son Of P.M – Graw Taloong
  14. High Wolf – Maithuna
  15. Algote Oho & His Sounds Of Joy – Mam Yinnie Wa
  16. Frederik – Olen Dracula
  17. Freddie McGregor – Irie Christmas

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 27

Episode 27: The ultimate irie irie Christmas

There’s no such thing as an Ajvar Christmas special, we simply don’t do it the main stream way. Instead this last 2014 show is packed with goodies from T.P.O.K Jazz Congo style, Tsonga Disco from the greatest South African soul singer of the 1970:s, Afro-Brazilian Latin house-beats from Da Lata and the Freedom Family sweetest happy song. No jingle bells but loads of groove.


However there’s one tradition worth keeping, honoring and repeating – the ultimate Christmas tune. So from all of us, and Freddie McGregor, to all of you a very irie Christmas.

  1. La Sonora Dinamita – El Ciclon
  2. Daniel Ponce – Oromi
  3. Verckys Et L’Orchestre – Talali Tala
  4. Franco Et Josky Kiambukuta Du T.P.O.K Jazz – Partage
  5. Mpharanyana – Disco
  6. Azymuth – Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza, Berimbau
  7. Muyei Power – Yamba Sowe
  8. T.P.O.K Jazz – Pablo Tumbajika
  9. Sam Mangwana – Affaire Disco
  10. Batida – Tá Doce
  11. Adama Yalomoba
  12. Da Lata – Un Amor A Mais (Remix)
  13. Da Lata ft. Myra Andrade – Unknown
  14. Freedom Family – Lala Li
  15. Freddie McGregor – Irie Christmas

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Ajvar’s closing the 2011 book

Everything must come to an end. Not Ajvar though, but our broadcasting-clubing-mixing 2011 is per today over. Closing the book, like we do every year, with the beautiful and breathtaking Christmas anthem Irie Christmas by Freddie McGregor. And a classic Ajvar mix made to last over the holiday and a few days more. Hip hip hooray.

Ajvar 2011 season final mix

2011 was the year Ajvar particularly liked:

  • Great female voices
  • Huff + puff
  • Morfar Ginko (the basement)
  • Turkish percussionists
  • Every band, group or song that beginning with “Los”
  • Alma Krkic
  • Honest Jon’s Records
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Andy Warhol
  • Shangaan Electro
  • Surf rock
  • Usain Bolt
  • Grupo Kual
  • Japanese accid jazz

Better that if you can 2012.

I saw mommy kiss a dreadlocks

Let’s be honest. Christmas songs are, as such, awful. But if you have get involved – do it by backbeat. Ever since the beginning of reggae, cover songs has been a vital part of the genre including christmas songs. Famous and respected voices like Johan Holt, Barrington Levy and Lady Saw have payed their holiday tribute unshamed, all in. But the uncrowned king of reggae christmas is Jacob Miller who in 1978 released the album Natty Christmas with the…ok, joyful Wish You A Merry Christmas. So with a little hesitation we’ve put together a Spotifylist christmas style. Mommy rather kiss a dreadlocks than Santa.

Ajvar.se Irie Christmas

Spotify is a bless. But the most beautiful and heartbreakning christmas song efter made is missing. Even the coldest icehearted christmas hater will melt when Freddie McGregor chants about the breez so cold on that Irie Christmas morning. Listen and rejoice.

Playlist 2009-12-19

It’s the season final, it’s almost christmas and we couldn’t care less. Bout christmas. But we know we have to please the crowd and do our best to provide a holidaymode. No song in the entire wold does that more than Freddie McGregor’s Ire Christmas. Hereby elected the greatest christmas-song ever.

Freddie McGregor wish you a irie christmas

For a perfect season final a gust is in place. This time DJ Ebou visited Ajvar with a bunch of fantastic afro-japanees-persian-swedish-italian tunes. Like the sweet song by Polish-German musician Holger Czukay’s Persian Love. Czukay’s trademarks is the use of shortwave radio sounds and involving the painstaking cutting and splicing of magnetic tapes. The result is pure guitarmagic. Bandname of the week is Sandi And The Sunsetz, a  Japanese technopop-band that collaborated from 1979 until the 1990s. The song Kingdoms Without  Corners could rock the screamiest baby to sleep.

  1. Jacob Miller – We Wish You A Ire Christmas
  2. Chale Brillante Y Sus Gambino – Prisionero Eu Tu Brazos
  3. Boutaiba Sghir – El Familia
  4. Salma Agha – Come Closer
  5. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yusso N’Dour – Diabaram
  6. Bappi Lahiri – Yaad Aa Raha Hai
  7. Fatala – Soisisa
  8. Holger Czukay – Persian Love
  9. Amayenge – Chibuyubuyu
  10. Sandi And The Sunsetz – Kingdoms Without  Corners
  11. Pino Daniele – Keep On Movin’
  12. Merit Hemmingsong – Gammaltåschans Hjärtesuck
  13. Pugh Rogerfeldt – Aindto
  14. Freddie McGregor – Irie Christmas