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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 44

Episode 44: And the 2016 groove is on

Voilaaa! Here goes Ajvar 2016 premiere kick off. We’re back from exotic trips to Sri Lanka, Cuba and Gävle but all into African vibes from for example Cameroonian makossa all star Sam Fan Thomas, Nigerian funk father William Onyeabor and Algerian singer songwriter Baaziz.


But album of the week is with no doubt the new release from Voilaaa – On te l’avait dit. French producer Bruno ”Patchworks” Hovart goes all in 70:s and 80:s disco funk African and Caribbean style. Patchworks decided to work with local singers like Sir Jean and Pat Kalla. And since we adore his label mates we selected the tune Vampieres featuring Hawa and Fouley Badiaga. The groove is on and so are we.

Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 44 by Radio Skanstull on Mixcloud

  1. Bhundu Boys – Foolish Harp
  2. Maki Asakawa – Chicchana Toki Kara
  3. Baaziz – The Best
  4. Carrot Green – Ponto Gira
  5. Sam Fan Thomas – Djema
  6. Rabo De Saia – Ripa Na Xulipa
  7. Junip – Oba, La Vem Ela
  8. The Sumo Brothers – I Love Music (Umoja Edit)
  9. Orchestre Baobab – Thiely
  10. Voilaaa – Vampires
  11. Djamel Laroussi – Mazal
  12. Esnard Boisdur – Soufwans
  13. Karl Hector – Kingdom Of D’mt
  14. William Onyeabor – Good Name
  15. Simon Jurad – Mi fè
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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 43

Episode 43: The relentless echoes of the world wild beats

We love dub, always. And especially when we find it in Bucharest, on a record called Sounds of the unheard from Romania (Vol. 1). Produced by Future Nuggets – a collective of diggers and musicians searching for a local psychedelic scene informed by the past but made for the times to come. It’s weird and beautiful. Like the relentless echoes of a dub-gone era.


Adding a bit of Guadalupian zouk from the late 70:s, Brazilian underground Afro-jazz-funk, pulsating molam music from north-east Thailand, and Radio Kabul straight out of Munich. And the beat goes on.

Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 43 by Radio Skanstull on Mixcloud

  1. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – Pu Tai Dub
  2. Dengue Dengue Dengue! – Turbo
  3. Michael Bagoé – Oulé Collé
  4. Bazaré D. Pablo Et Orchestre Nassima – Nassima
  5. Afrorock Assagai – Kinzambi
  6. Iconili – O Rei De Tupanga
  7. Express Brass Band – Radio Kabul
  8. Ahmed Fakarun – Auidny
  9. Hareton + Meta – KM 110
  10. Akalé Wubé ft.  Genet Asefa – Alègntayé (Grant Phabao Remix)
  11. Emilio Santiago – O Amigo De Nova York
  12. Asteptarea – Relentless Echoes Of Aa Dub-Gone Era (Original Mix)
  13. Pierre-Edourd Decimus – Man’No
  14. William Onyeabor – Why Go To War
  15. Bali Brahmabhatt & Alka Yagnik – Amma Dekt Munda Bigda Jaaye

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 41

Episode 41: Special guest appearance by Jonas Persson and Gustav Olars


The summer of 2015 was a milestone in the Ajvar history. We made our festival debut at amazing Camp Cosmic and the mind blowing ethno-disco Fuglesang stage hosted by Jonas Persson and Gustav Olars.  Besides being the best festival stage organizers ever, they happen to be damn good DJ:s. So we returned the favor and let them take over our studio with their disco fever Caribbean groove, Afrobeat, out of space, highlife style. This is 90 minutes pure mind blowing magic. Ajvar bigger better longer and uncut.


  1. Tala A.M. – I Know What You Want
  2. Tala A.M. – Soweto
  3. Pianonegro – Pianonegro
  4. Zinc – Amazon
  5. Uele Kalabubu Et Sa Tribu – Makelele
  6. Ray Lema – Dansometer Reprise
  7. Duke – South Africa Must Be Free
  8. George Nooks And The Electrons – Computer Reggae
  9. Johnny Clegg – Ngoma Sweayshaya
  10. Edwin Star – Get Up Whrilpool
  11. Black Stalin – De Jam
  12. Heaven 17 – Let Me Go!
  13. Ray Williams – Cosmopolitan London
  14. Jellybean – Was Dog A Dounut
  15. Pat Thomas – Yesu San Bra
  16. Black Cock – Liftoman
  17. Kaiso Power – Summer Time
  18. Tabou Combo – Courage
  19. In The City (Edit)
  20.  Jasper Van’t Hof – Pili Pili
  21. Orchestra Big Tamba Tamba – Kafishwa Mananga Pt. 2
  22. Jocko – Rythm Talk
  23. Max Ransay – Ti Kanno
  24. David Martial – Ti Jarret
  25. Africali – Ayiko Bia

Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 40

Episode 40: Back to the past future glass chamber

There’s no such place as home in your number one glass chamber. Ajvar is back at Radio Skanstull in our little crib loaded with goodies from all over the world. This hour was packed with French musical melting-pot Les Negresses Vertes, bass, bleeps and bumps from Peru’s electronic underground and quite a lot of love for marimbas from 17 year old Dotorado Pro.


And from Tel-Aviv record label (and DJ crew) Fortuna Records  – the champions of the obscure sounds of Middle Eastern groove – we got one of the rarest and most sought after Israeli records of all times. 16 year old Grazia self titled album. Turkish youngster funk boom.

Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 40 by Ajvar_Radio on Mixcloud

  1. Luzmila Carpio – Sumaq Awaq Warmi
  2. Les Negresses Vertes – Face À La Mer
  3. Daby Touré – Oma
  4. The Sharero Band – Sharero
  5. Grazia – Soyle Beni
  6. Zazou Bikaye – Mr Manager
  7. These Eyes – Soca Hustle
  8. Los Mirlos – Sabor A Selva
  9. Deltatron – Ego Trip
  10. Kid Watusi – Tecno Im Baugette (Liquid Rockz Remix)
  11. Romperayo – Icoro Palenquero
  12. Moussa Doumbia – Samba (George T Mix)
  13. Aif – Al-Khutba Al-Akhira (The Last Declamation)
  14. Dotorado Pro – Love Marimbas
  15. MC Rodolfinho – Contabilidade
  16. Romperayo – Tuntuna Rebajada

Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 39

Episode 39: Everything but Vietnamese noodles

1 cup of 80’s psychedelic progressive folkrock from Kazakhstan
3 tablespoons of shangaan electro new Nozinja speed-up

1 bizarre Portugeese DJ Nigga Fox
4 ounces of 80’s disco punk straight out of Madrid (Alaska baked)
Some cumbia (always some cumbia) from Argentina
1fresh Flensh Malian electronic real blues master piece
2 pints classic Highlife Bobby Benson
1 Groovy Weekend served Surinam style
Add one pinch of Analog Africa


Mix it all together. Stir it up, listen and perhaps make some dance moves. Bon appétit.

  1. Terakaft – Amidinine Senta Aneflas
  2. Dos Mukasan – 16 Kuz
  3. Los Sander’s De Ñaña – Recuerdos
  4. Chancha Via Circuito – Sueño En Paraguay (El Buho Remix)
  5. Urbano de Castro – Dilangue
  6. Bobby Benson & His Combo – Niger Mambo
  7. Marumo – Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
  8. Alaska Y Los Pegamoides – Bailando
  9. Erwin Bouterse & The Group Roetoe – Groovy Weekend
  10. Siete Catorse – Flor De Lirio
  11. Nozinja – Mitshetsho We Zindaba
  12. St Germain – Real Blues
  13. DJ Nigga Fox – Um Ano
  14. Ckrono & Slesh – Hebe

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