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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 15

Episode 15: All strings attached

Acoustic, electric , electro-acoustic , twelve-string , archtop, mandolin, steel, resonator, bass,, flamenco, double-neck, cittern, banjo, lapsteel, sitar, rudra veena, tumbi, oud, saz, cümbüs, chonguri, grajappi, phin pia, cuatro, viola caipira, ronrroco, mejorana…


There’s so many of them. And we love guitars. Especially the oriental magic ones that Omar Khorshid is the master of. This is a dedication to strings from all over the world and our favorite guitar tunes.

  1. Omar Khorshid – Takkasim Sanat Alfeyn
  2. Omar Khorshid – Guitar El Chark
  3. Ali Farka Touré – Allah Uya
  4. New Gatanga Sound – Thoni Na Caki
  5. Orchestre Super Bourgou de Parakou – Gandigui
  6. Mavi Isiklar – Íyí Dügün Tagin
  7. 3 Hürel – Ömür Biter Yol Bitmez
  8. Mustafa Özkent – Zeytinyagli Yiyemem
  9. Ersen – Kozan Dagi
  10. Dick Dale – Hava Nagila
  11. Johnny Barakat & The Vestells – The Wedge
  12. The Monkys – Triste Estoy
  13. Los Dalton’s – Alto Y Seco
  14. Johnny Guitar – Bangkok By Night
  15. Jang Hyun – Pushing Through The Fog
  16. Muslim Disco Club – Alma

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 14

Episode 14: The world is shaking


And Ajvar is shaken it like no other. This episode we shook extra large to the daredevil origins of Congolese rumba – Cubanismo from Congo 1954-55 and other African Latin influenced sounds. And with some Bollywood Brass Band special wedding shake, Boogaloo Destroyers smooth shake and modern Hungarian electric moombathon shakes from Babylon Records you’ll be well done for a long time. At least until next Friday.

  1. Quantic – Magnetica
  2. Astronomy Class – Four Barang In A Tuk-Tuk
  3. Quantic ft. Dereb The Ambassador – Arada
  4. Maboka Marie – Laurent Lomande
  5. Guelewar – Tasito
  6. Asha Bhosle – Peene Ke Baad Aati Hain Yaad
  7. Faiza Ahmed – Nootet Al Daaf
  8. The Bollywood Brass Band – Choli Ke Peeche (What Lies Beneath Your Blouse)
  9. El Guincho – Hindou
  10. Pablo Fierro & Christian Vinci – Herencia Latina
  11. Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers – C’mon Everybody
  12. Hammond Classics – Tao Bao
  13. B’Azta – Nahavand (Original Mix)
  14. ZKYA – Soundscape
  15. Astros De Mendosa – Vamos Bailando (Andres Digital Remix)
  16. Bomba Estéro – Tambora
  17. Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningi – Amina Coulibaly
  18. Yma Sumac – Taki Rari

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 13

Episode 13: Silent shouts

Sometimes you just can’t put words to it. But we’re always taking you on a crazy funky multculti ride, better than words can describe anyway. This week the Ajvar jar contained some cúmbia, rasterinha, Sierra Leone funk, Nigerian boogie, cool Arabic stuff, Borneo Bass and an amazing Latvian-Jugo tune picked up straight out of Estonia. Ensemble Angela Vlatkovica. Enough said.


  1. Cuerpo – Dando El Rol
  2. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Banana
  3. Geraldo Pino – Let Them Talk
  4. Rob – Boogie On
  5. Karim Ziad – Aît Oumrar
  6. Raïna Raï – Hagda
  7. Nasser Mizdawi And His Guitar – Grape Tree
  8. Ensemble Angela Vlatkovica – Ima Vremena Za Ljubav
  9. Usha Uthup & Chours – Hari Om Hari
  10. Usha Uthup – Main Gul Badan
  11. Jet Airess – Pelog Lima (Original Mix)
  12. Carlos Nunez & Kaio AC – Bigode Trap
  13. MC Gorilla – Pau No Cu Do Mudo
  14. Sun City Girls – Lemur’s Urine
  15. Ganimian & His Orientals – Come With Me To The Cabash
  16. Sizzla – Blessed (Benny Page Remix)

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 12

Episode 12: Special guest appearance by Erik Gripenholm – Fast Forward Sound


Prepare for backbeat extra everything. This Friday Erik Gripenholm from the Fast Forward Sound stopped by Ajvar at Radio Skanstull, loaded with never ever before released tracks from the sound system. A few weeks ago they released their second album Mangrove Meets Ganjaman_72 in 5-track digital dub, for all the dub heads out there. We got a taste of that as well and also a weird track from the cream-bun (semla) eating Ganjaman_72. So tasty.

  1. Elikia – Africa Latina
  2. Muharem Serbezovski – Ramajana
  3. El Remolon – Nocturno
  4. Ganjaman_72 – Revenge Of The Minijack (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  5. Ganjaman_72 – New Machine (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  6. Ganjaman_72 – Blunt Culture (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  7. Determinations – War And Crime (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  8. Tony Tuff – One In A Million (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  9. Sammy Gold – Don’t Follow Them (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  10. Ganjaman_72 – War and dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  11. Determinations – Love Up The Farming (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  12. Determinations – Free (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  13. Determinations – Agony (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  14. Ganjaman_72 – Agony Dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  15. Mangrove – Renegade Robots (Fast Forward Sound)
  16. Ganjaman_72 – Renegade Dubots (Fast Forward Sound)

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 10

Episode 10: Return from the desert


Straight out from the Bedouin capms and water pipe-smoke this Ajvar is an odyssey of camel lovin, lots of back beat flow, Surinam disco-funk, Angolan latino and electronic Brazilian fusion. So Groovy.

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  1. Tinariwen – Amassakoul (Toni Bassi Old School Edit)
  2. Cheb Khaled ft. Safy Boutella – La Camel
  3. Ijahman Levi – Chariot Of Love
  4. Ricky Tuffy – Stamina
  5. Orchestra Baobab – Jin Ma Jin Ma
  6. Augustus Pablo – Arabian Rock
  7. Black Uhuru – Eden Out Deh
  8. Aaron Mbambo – Sambambha Ushemeni
  9. Alwin Reingoud – Sweet Dream
  10. Nega Atrevida – Sirié
  11. Thievery Corporation ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani – Bateau Rouge
  12. Africa Ritmos – Olha O Pica
  13. Débruit and Alsarah – Alkoan Baladi
  14. DJ Gorky E MC Gus – Quebradinha