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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 50

Episode 50: The welcome summertime soundtrack

Summer is here straight out of winter. So we’re switching straight into that hot and vibrant soundtrack that makes you want to dance outside all night long, no matter where in the world you are. Taking a trip to Mexico and Columbia in search of cumbia treasures with Boogie Down Edits, getting into steel band covers with Bacao Rythm & Steel Band and philosophize about why no one hasn’t done a cover, an edit or a jingle of mighty Gregory Isaacs Report To Me (ok, so we’ll do that).


And no summer soundtrack without the nexus of the Tropical music monsoon – Thor Partridge, aka. Thornato. Featuring KarenBe is global bass music at its peak.

  1. Songhai – Ne Ne Koitaa
  2. Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno ft. U-Roy & Alice Russell – Tru Thoughts
  3. Mad Professor – Buccaneers’ Cove
  4. Kiko Bun ft. Dre Island – Alipanga
  5. Ruf Dug – Rasta Beach
  6. Gregory Isaacs – Report To Me
  7. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Suave
  8. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Beetham Highway
  9. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Was Dog A Doughnut
  10. Bacao Rythm & Steel Band – Police In Helicopters
  11. Boogie Down Edits – Chambuk
  12. Thornato feat. KarenBe – Koz Kazah
  13. Gilles Peterson – Yambu (Diasuke Tanabe & Yosi Horikawa Remix)
  14. Teba – F C K
  15. Fadaei – Mostaghel
  16. Raze De Soare – Fereastra USA
  17. Piruso Y Su Boina – Descarga
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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 49

Episode 49: Special guest appearance by Sacha Mambo

He came, he saw and he delivered. When Sacha Mabo visited Stockholm last week end he dropped by our studio at Radio Skanstull with all those tracks that makes up his and his label Macadam Mambo:s philosophy. Good music, by good people for good parties.


And that is acid, afro, italo, electronic, post-punk, EBM, rock, Balearic, synth pop, techno, hip hop, euro Disco and banana music from all over the world with a special love for the old stuff. Simple, cool and mind blowing. Enjoy the probably most eclectic mix ever made in Ajvar history featuring Italian cosmic voices, Long island electrical system, Meat Beat Manifesto and The younger generation raping more mellow. C’est merveilleux, c’est fabuleux et c’est délicieux.

More goodies from Sashas Mambo on his Soundcloud

All about Macadam Mambo

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 48

Episode 48: The sweetness and the bad beats

Sometimes an Ajvar hour is very structured and themed. But mostly not. This time starting in a relaxed mode highlighting one of the most beautiful voices the world has ever known. South African Letta Mbula:s Nomalizo from the 1983 album In The Music……The Village Never Ends is not only oh so expensive but also worth its price.


The second part however is all about beats, so good and captivating that they kept us quite while the mix went on. From Senegalese 70:s Fangool, Brazil classic Willie Colon Captain Planet mashed up to Moroccan Gnawa music and our favorite Congolese electric likembé bazombo band Konono No 1. Enjoy the diversity. And the silence.

  1. Painel De Controle – Relax
  2. PS Edits – Tantsuy (Dr Cuts Edit)
  3. Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
  4. Letta Mbula – Nomalizo
  5. Myriam Makeba – Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit)
  6. Le Sourouba De Louga – Bour Sine
  7. Renegades Of Jazz – Pounding Song
  8. Rockwell Fukino – Coast To Coast
  9. Fangool – Mariama
  10. Carlos E Maffalda – Chega
  11. Willie Colon – Ya Llego  (Captain Planet Remix)
  12. Alma Negra – Ramboia
  13. Valda & Soulful Train – Muevete (Norty Cotto Remix)
  14. Innov Gnawa – Toura Toura
  15. Celia Cruz – Herencia Africana (Branko Remix)
  16. Konono No 1 – Nlele Kalusimbiko
  17. Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band – Long Wat
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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 47

Episode 47: Let’s cover them all

It took more than a decade but we finally did it. The show of all shows. The cover theme. And we got them all including David Bowie, Nirvana, Shaft, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Bill Withers, Steve Kekana, and 50 Cent. Some of it smooth as silk, some a little more strange and some totally wacky. Lots of back beats but also bits of Latin and Yugo disco.


And, of course, there’s the Hotel California this time in an Australian ska and jazz fusion version by Cat Empire. Magic or disaster once made can transform into something else of the same. Let’s do it all over and over again.

  1. Seu Jorge – Life On Mars
  2. Cat Empire – L’hôtel De Californie
  3. Shinehead – Billie Jean
  4. Little Roy – Very Ape
  5. Little Roy – Come As You Are
  6. The Professionals – The Backstabbers
  7. Dreadsquad & Blackout JAmaica – A Girl Like You
  8. The Soulfantastics – Ain’t No Sunshine
  9. Leo Martin – Ima Vremena Za Ljubav
  10. Joe Bataan – Shaft
  11. George Benson – El Barrio (In The Ghetto)
  12. La Charanga 76 – No Nos Pararan
  13. Sonido Apokalitzin – Rocky Theme
  14. Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra – 90% Of Me Is You
  15. The Bacao Rhythm And Steel Band – Pimp
  16. Anita Hirvonen – Ihanaa Elämää
  17. Nada Importa – Nothing Else Matters
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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 46

Episode 46: Crossing borders like an owl

This journey starts in Rajasthan India and the documentary Junun that documents the making of an album of the same name. Average film but an amazing soundtrack featuring Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur, English composer and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, Indian ensemble the Rajasthan Express, and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.


Moving in to Mexico bridging the gap between Latin American rhythms, digital bleeps and found sounds by El Búho. Inspired by or favorite bird – the owl. Then on to Ukrainian rap folk style with quartet DakhaBrakha that combines the musical styles of several ethnic groups. And hip hop. There’s also some traditional Séga of Mauritius, Djinns Music ending back in Sweden at Tjocka Släkten.

  1. Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Raj – Junun Brass
  2. Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Raj – Julus
  3. Osibisa – Meeting Point (Edit)
  4. Djinns Music – Edjidi
  5. El Búho – Tecolotin
  6. El Búho – Mañana Tepoztlán
  7. Dexter Story – Be My Habesha
  8. Dexter Story ft. Dustin Warren – Changamuka
  9. Luckson Padaud – Zene-so
  10. Ti L’Afrique – Soul Sock Sega
  11. DakhaBrakha – Karpatskyi Rap
  12. Sagopa Kajmer – Uzun Yollara Devam
  13. Cerrone ft. Manu Dibango – Funk Makossa (Tod Edwards Remix)
  14. Pablo Fierro & Deep Square – El Día De Mi Suerte (Mirelle Noveron & Jose Alanisz Edit)
  15. Tjocka Släkten – Ma Baker
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