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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 12

Episode 12: Special guest appearance by Erik Gripenholm – Fast Forward Sound


Prepare for backbeat extra everything. This Friday Erik Gripenholm from the Fast Forward Sound stopped by Ajvar at Radio Skanstull, loaded with never ever before released tracks from the sound system. A few weeks ago they released their second album Mangrove Meets Ganjaman_72 in 5-track digital dub, for all the dub heads out there. We got a taste of that as well and also a weird track from the cream-bun (semla) eating Ganjaman_72. So tasty.

  1. Elikia – Africa Latina
  2. Muharem Serbezovski – Ramajana
  3. El Remolon – Nocturno
  4. Ganjaman_72 – Revenge Of The Minijack (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  5. Ganjaman_72 – New Machine (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  6. Ganjaman_72 – Blunt Culture (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  7. Determinations – War And Crime (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  8. Tony Tuff – One In A Million (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  9. Sammy Gold – Don’t Follow Them (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  10. Ganjaman_72 – War and dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  11. Determinations – Love Up The Farming (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  12. Determinations – Free (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  13. Determinations – Agony (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  14. Ganjaman_72 – Agony Dub (Fast Forward Sound) Unreleased
  15. Mangrove – Renegade Robots (Fast Forward Sound)
  16. Ganjaman_72 – Renegade Dubots (Fast Forward Sound)

Listen to all broadcasting at Radio Skanstull

Playlist 2011-03-26

Honest Jon’s Records knows it’s ethno. And has done for a long time. The British independent record label was created by musician Damond Albarn and various record shop owners. But Honest Jon’s also owns a record shop in London and that one was founded way before the label. In 1974, by two friends from Liverpool, a Sociology student named Jon Clare, and Dave Ryner, the son of a Trinidadian doctor. Match made sound providers.


Honest Jon’s is funk, soul, folk and music from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is calypso, soca, Nigerian afrobeat and salsa. Lot’s of it from way back then, but also new stuff from Candi Stanton, Lobi Traore and Tony Allen. This week Ajvar’s into afro and backbeat. So we played the coolest, weirdest and funkiest tunes from their archive treasure. Like Boogaloo-jazz from Congo, golden age African pop and  South African electronic Shangaan. Mr Nozinja, who calls himself a scout for Shangaan talent knows the recipe.

We don’t use the sounds of the hip-hop guys, or the afro-pop, or whatever, we’re using Shangaan sounds. The traditional Shangaan music is fast. You play it slow, they won’t dance.


  1. Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra Of Algiers – Fatoum
  2. Orchestre OK Jazz – A Moins Que Namikosa
  3. Tshetsha Boys – Uya Kwihi Ka Rose
  4. Solomon Ilori & His Afro-Drum Ensemble – Tolani
  5. Zinja Hlungwani – Ntombi Ya Mugaz
  6. Ebenezer Obey – Eyi Yato
  7. Ajda Pekkan – Viens Dans Ma Vie
  8. John Holt – Mr. Mischief
  9. Lionel Barrett – Rasta Cowboy
  10. Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson – Tom Kirisite
  11. Susan Cadogan – Ghetto Cowboy
  12. Tommy McCook & The Skatalites – Lambs Bread Herb
  13. Foster Manganyi – Vanhu Va Lova
  14. Los Destellos – Pasión Oriental


Playlist 2009-05-30

Yes, we’re back in the studio and on the air. A bit rusty but ever so inspired. Starting off with the lovley voice of singer and producer Derrick Harriot this show became, unplanned, every-two-reggae-song-show. The Uppsetters, Spectacular and The Royal Rasses is also on the list. Our favourite (at least one of our favourites) Yugoslav musician Mr Goran Bregović has released a new album, Alkohol, and although it doesn’t make us all overexcited it’s still very listenable. Wheter it’s a village that Goran Bregović sings about in the song Jeremia is still an open question…

Goran. This time good but not great

  1. Derrick Harriott – Slave
  2. Edson Gomes & Bando Cão De Raca – Apocalipse
  3. The Royal Rasses – Mr. Kissinger
  4. Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros – Silbando
  5. Ska Cubano – Jezebel
  6. The Pimps Of Joytime – Bonita
  7. Goran Bregović – Jeremia
  8. Goran Bregović – Paradehtika
  9. Bedouìn Soundclash – Criminal
  10. Spectacular – Marcus Garvey
  11. Novalima – Africa landó
  12. The Upsetters – Waap You Waa
  13. Fela Kuti – Ariya (Mixed by Chief Xcel)
  14. Ajvar Exclusive…
  15. …and another Ajvar Exclusive

Playlist 2009-05-09

Ajvar…relish, burritos, sashimi, muqueca, petites croissants and some Roast Fish & Cornbread served by Lee Perry, who else. Read more bout album of the week Sub Swaras Coup d’Yah at the post below. This week we encourage you to listen more to the asian grimy dubstep producer Sukh Knight incorporating grime, eastern melodics and oodles of bass. Yummi.

Mohamed Abdelwahb on cover

  1. Lee Perry – Roast Fish & Cornbread
  2. Admiral Bailey – Brand New Slang
  3. The Rootsman – Ta Travudia
  4. Mohamed Abdelwahb – Bafakar Feli Nassini
  5. Sukh Knight – Knightlife
  6. Mon Dino – La Danse Des Mots
  7. Farofa Carioca – Moro No Brasil
  8. Pinchers – Bandolero
  9. Arrow – Soca Rocka
  10. Kerri Chandler – Orixás
  11. Legião Urbana – Maurício
  12. Sub Swara – Constructing The Absence
  13. Sub Swara – Inshallah (Poirier Remix)
  14. Sub Swara – Koli Stance
  15. Björn Skifs – If You Wanna Know

Ajvar playlist 2009-02-14

We kind of forgot about Valentine’s day. But we always fight and love so no harm. This week’s favourites is Russkaja’s Dope Shit (Balkanizer Remix) and the lovley 80:s reggeatune from Courtney Melody, Ninja Mi Ninja. “Because we are perfect love!”

  1. La Cherga – High Domination Dub
  2. Serge Gainsbourg – New Delire
  3. Laxmikant-Pyarelal – Loafer
  4. Osunlade – Oxossi Da Focha Branca
  5. Russkaja – Dope Shit (Balkanizer Remix)
  6. Tim Love Lee – Your Mum
  7. Johnny Colon -Descarga
  8. Skeewiff – Nr 1
  9. Los Dinamicos Exciters ft. Ralph Week – Let Me Do My Thing
  10. Buraka som sistema – Sound Of Kuduro
  11. Enrico Macias – Sidi H’bibi
  12. Assitan , Pascal Teillet – Anmatan
  13. Trio Afrah – Ach K’daw
  14. Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja
  15. Horace Andy – Ain’t No Sunshine
  16. Skatalites – You’re So Delightful
  17. Raw Artistic Soul ft. Wunmi – Oya