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Ajvar’s closing the 2011 book

Everything must come to an end. Not Ajvar though, but our broadcasting-clubing-mixing 2011 is per today over. Closing the book, like we do every year, with the beautiful and breathtaking Christmas anthem Irie Christmas by Freddie McGregor. And a classic Ajvar mix made to last over the holiday and a few days more. Hip hip hooray.

Ajvar 2011 season final mix

2011 was the year Ajvar particularly liked:

  • Great female voices
  • Huff + puff
  • Morfar Ginko (the basement)
  • Turkish percussionists
  • Every band, group or song that beginning with “Los”
  • Alma Krkic
  • Honest Jon’s Records
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Andy Warhol
  • Shangaan Electro
  • Surf rock
  • Usain Bolt
  • Grupo Kual
  • Japanese accid jazz

Better that if you can 2012.

Playlist season final 2010-06-05

All good thing must come to an end. Ajvar is not one of those things. But we’re going on summer holiday rounding up this season with a true veteran – Selecta Sharp. For the forth consecutive year in a row. Dancable as always, this yeas slightly more electronic. With the familiar Balkan twist.

  1. Niftys & Dunkelbunt – Floresty In Dub (Sun Dub Version)
  2. Big Red – Smockaz Interlude
  3. Dela Dap – Kaj Tu Salas
  4. Datax & Bymski – Diva Osmanaga
  5. Shasalakazoo – Sarmageddon
  6. Lucius 14 – Smokin Guns & Holy Bible
  7. Shasalakazoo – Fanfara Tirana
  8. Fanfara Tirana  – Wedding In Tirana
  9. Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Babylon
  10. Tigerstyle ft. Miss Rimpi – Bol! Bol! Bol!
  11. Shazalakazoo – In Oro We Trust
  12. Shazalakazoo – Cyrilic
  13. Culcha Candela – Homie
  14. Bran – Y Gwylwyr
  15. Ofege – Nobody Fail
  16. Charanjit Singh – Raga Megh Malhar
  17. Mulatu Astaqué – Munayé
  18. Toofan – Heleh Mali
  19. Grupa Zdravo – Vikend Fobija

Straight out of NY, Ajvar finished in style. That song Nobody Fails from Nigerian boy band Ofege’s 1973’s album Try And Love just makes you never wanna listen to anything else than just that tune.

Ok so we’ll be back. In august at 95.3. And in five days, on Thursday 10th of june.

Curious? Stay tuned…