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Ajvar new at school 2016 autumn mix

We might be old in the game but we still treat every autumn as if we were on our way to first grade. Naive, excited, with the world at our feet. And since there’s so much new tunes popping out we decided to make an hour of the hottest stuff right now, vigilant recorded at our gig at Tranan.


Ajvar:s autumn 2016 soundtrack features electronic/acoustic fusion from Mugwisa International Xylophone Group, voodoo-funk from Vaudou Game, heavy Matiksoul dancehall, A Toots And The Maytals Funky Kingston edit and Kalbata:s Middle Eastern techno smasher Al Sharq. For example. Heads will bang, feet will burn and you’ll continue to listen to Ajvar Radio for the rest of your life.

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Ajvar at Radio Skanstull episode 35

Episode 35: It’s a Mundo Bizarro

Summer is on its way. That means And Ajvar is going into spontaneous flower power dance mode. Or at least we’re into playing lots of rhythm and beats that’s perfect to dance to outside. Like Iranian hip hop from Hichkas, Peter Solos voodoo-project Vaudou Game, Afro disco Wganda Kenya-style and some master piece electro dub tango. Crazy world.


And speaking about summer. We’re going to play at Stockholm’s finest and biggest outdoor youth club – Trädgården. Make your way through the crowd and dance with us on Friday May 23th. Line up!

  1. Tango Conspiracy – Mundo Bizarro
  2. Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon
  3. Santa N’Guessan – Mammy Nia (Mag Spencer edit)
  4. Hulya Suer – Seker Oglan (Kozmonot Rework)
  5. Hichkas – Firooz
  6. DJ Dolores – Canção De Zara
  7. Danochilango & Mambe – Salta!
  8. Sacassaia ft. Ras Kakaroto – Ninguém Dorme
  9. Pernett – Cumbia Computer (Zeb’s Reggae Remix)
  10. Gazpar Z’Africa – Rap Na Palma Da Mão
  11. Vaudau Game – Lazy Train
  12. Wganda Kenya – La Botellita
  13. Sauvage FM & Szam Varadino – Cumbia Del Rio
  14. Rick Yun – The Girl From Ipanema

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