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I saw mommy kiss a dreadlocks

Let’s be honest. Christmas songs are, as such, awful. But if you have get involved – do it by backbeat. Ever since the beginning of reggae, cover songs has been a vital part of the genre including christmas songs. Famous and respected voices like Johan Holt, Barrington Levy and Lady Saw have payed their holiday tribute unshamed, all in. But the uncrowned king of reggae christmas is Jacob Miller who in 1978 released the album Natty Christmas with the…ok, joyful Wish You A Merry Christmas. So with a little hesitation we’ve put together a Spotifylist christmas style. Mommy rather kiss a dreadlocks than Santa.

Ajvar.se Irie Christmas

Spotify is a bless. But the most beautiful and heartbreakning christmas song efter made is missing. Even the coldest icehearted christmas hater will melt when Freddie McGregor chants about the breez so cold on that Irie Christmas morning. Listen and rejoice.